A Revolution for Our Rights: Indigenous Struggles for Land and Justice in Bolivia, 1880-1952. LAURA GOTKOWITZ: Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2007.

Robert L. Smale


In this study of Bolivian ruralpolitical and social movements, Laura Gotkowitz seeks to stitch together twodifferent historiographic traditions. The older approach discounts or ignoresrural unrest before the National Revolution of 1952, but acknowledges peasantactivism in the revolution's wake-especially in the department of Cochabamba. A newerinterpretation, known asKatarismo,emphasizes the combative tendencies of Bolivia's Aymara population andstresses the strength and persistence of rural activism in the decades beforethe revolution but generally dismisses the changes of 1952 as cosmetic or evenpernicious. 


Indigenous, GOTKOWITZ, Smale, Bolivia, Revolution,

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