El mito del socialismo indígena en Mariátegui. GERARDO LEIBNER: Lima: Fondo Editorial de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, 1999.

Marc Becker


Scholarly interest in José Carlos Mariátegui, a Peruvian marxist from the 1920s, has steadily grown in recent years. Gerardo Leibner's book, a translation of his doctoral thesis in history at the University of Tel Aviv, extends and builds on this interest. Leibner notes that many scholars focus on Mariátegui's creative adaptation of European ideas to the Peruvian situation. Less studied is the question of the revolutionary socialist potential of Peru's Indigenous peoples. Leibner helps fill this gap through placing Mariátegui's views on the "Indian Question" in the context of ideological trends in early twentieth-century Peru and relating his activity to contemporary indigenista organizations and Indian uprisings.

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