Undocumented In L. A.: An Immigrant's Story. DIANNE WALTA HART: Wilmington, Delaware: SR Books (Latin American Silhouettes), 1997.

Silvina Schammah Gesser


This book tells the story of the immigration to the United States of a Nicaraguan woman, a Sandinista activist from Esteli, who fled her home town in order to join relatives in Los Angeles.

The commitment of the rural population of Esteli to the Revolution is underscored by the fact that they were among the first to join the insurrectionist movement against the dictatorship of Somoza. To this day, the image of the campesinoswarding off an attack by Guard troops during the last months of Somozan rule, in April 1979, is cherished in Nicaraguan revolutionary lore as a poignant example of the heroism of the Sandinistas' revolt.

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