Homo Politicus. Manuel Pardo, La Política Peruana y Sus Dilemas, 1871-1878. CARMEN McEVOY: Lima: Instituto Riva Aguero, Instituto de Estudios Peruanos, y Oficina Nacional de Procesos Electorales, 2007.

José R. R. Deustua C.


ManuelPardo was one of the most important statesmen of the nineteenth century inLatin America. His significance for the history of the continent iscomparable to that of Benito Juarez in Mexico,Domingo Sarmiento in Argentinaand, perhaps, Jose Manuel Balmaceda in Chile. He was president of Peru from 1872 to1876, elected after a campaign that somewhat changed Peruvian politics. Pardofounded the Civilista party, which played a tremendous role in the politicalsystem and culture of the country at least until 1919. 


Manuel Pardo, Homo Politicus, La Política Peruana, peru, Deustua,

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