Fascismo, liturgia e imaginario: El mito del general Uriburu y la Argentina nacionalista. FEDERICO FINCHELSTEIN. Buenos Aires: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2002.

Sandra McGee Deutsch


Argentina's prominent radical rightists, or Nationalists, have attracted considerable scholarly attention. Most of the studies of this political movement analyze the writings of a handful of male intellectuals who figured among its leaders. Only a few researchers have examined the beliefs and practices of the majority of Nationalist men and women, and Federico Finchelstein has joined them. His work also marks a new and welcome direction in the historiography of Nationalism. Stanley Payne, Emilio Gentile, George Mosse and many other experts on fascism have pointed to its emphasis on myths, ceremonies and symbols, but Argentinists have not followed their lead. 


Argentina, Fascismo, liturgia, general Uriburu,

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