Disease in the History of Modern Latin America: from Malaria to AIDS. DIEGO ARMUS (ed.): Durham, NC: Duke UniversityPress, 2003.

Gabriel Nakache


This is a collection of articles by various researchers dealing with thevast field of health, disease, and sickness in LatinAmerica. The editor, Diego Armus, who is also the author of one ofthe articles, lays in the introduction the historiographic  foundation for this awakening field, known inthe past simply as "the history of medicine in LatinAmerica." Armus redefines the boundaries of the field, mainlyby dividing it to three distinctive, but often interrelated, sub-fields --thehistory of medicine, the history of public health and the socio-culturalhistory of disease. The following articles serve as examples to support the newly constructedhistoriographic structure.


Malaria, AIDS, Disease, Modern Latin America,

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