Escrituras y exilios en América Latina. ADRIANA A. BOCCHINO, et al: Mar del Plata: Estanislao Balder, 2008.

Mary Lusky Friedman


"Toda la literatura argentina del siglo XX ha sido escrita por exiliados,? wrote Juan José Saer in 1997. Though deliberately outrageous, Saer's dictum calls attention to the impressive spate of literature produced by refugees of Argentina's Dirty War. A generation of writers wrenched from their culture and their past, among them Miguel Bonasso, Humberto Costantini, Mempo Giardinelli, Daniel Moyano, Hector Tizón, Luisa Valenzuela and David Viñas, responded in their writings to the situation of exile. It is chiefly this body of texts that led scholars at the Universidad de Mar del Plata, beginning in 2002, to study the interplay of exile and the texts it inspires. 


exilio, Escritura,

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