Dignity and Defiance: Stories from Bolivia's Challenge to Globalization. JIM SHULTZ and MELISSA CRANE DRAPER (eds.): Berkeley: University of California Press, 2008.

Josefa Salmón


Dignity and Defiance. Stories from Bolivia's Challenge to Globalization is a collection of well-written essays and stories that gives a balanced and thoroughreport of Bolivia's problems and the challenges of globalization. It approachesthe various problems from differing and at times opposite perspectives. Thebook also includes valuable new research with testimonies that integrate thisresearch with the voices of those people who participated in and were affectedby the issues. These personal testimonies are woven into the essays and tiethe academic tone with a narrative thread. The powerful essays pull the readerdirectly into the struggles between communities, the government, and corporations,on issues such as water, gas, oil, external debt, and the IMF, World Bankand NGO policies. The structure and organization of each essay gives the wholebook unity, bringing together first-hand information, diverse points of view, andexcellent research.


Josefa Salmón, Dignity and Defiance, Bolivia, JIM SHULTZ, MELISSA CRANE DRAPER

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