U.S. Intervention in British Guiana: A Cold War Story. STEPHEN G. RABE, Chapel Hill, NC: University of North Carolina Press, 2005.

Glenn Dorn


U.S. Intervention in British Guiana, Stephen Rabe's most recent foray into mid-century U.S. relations with Latin America, offers nothing less than an insightful, and profoundly disturbing analysis of Anglo-American efforts through the 1960s to destabilize British Guiana. In addition to illuminating and illustrating the significance of one of the more egregious but less well-known Cold War intercessions, Rabe has woven a powerful narrative that balances the economic, strategic, bureaucratic, and military aspects of the "old" diplomatic history with the race and gender implications of the "new."


U.S., Cold War, Guiana, British,

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