A History of Modern Brazil: The Past Against the Future. COLIN M. MACLACHLAN: Wilmington, DE: SR Books, 2003.

Marshall C. Eakin


Just a few short years ago, those insearch of a good history of Brazil in English had very few choices,and the principal option was the late E. Bradford Burns' AHistory of Brazil (New York: Columbia University Press, 1993,3rded.). How dramatically this has changed. As Burns' text becomes moredated, instructors and the general public now have a growing list ofalternatives. In just five years, five new histories have appeared:Thomas Skidmore's Brazil: Five Centuries of Change (1999),the late Robert Levine's A History of Brazil (1999), BorisFausto's A Concise History of Brazil (1999), and Joseph Smith's A History of Brazil (2002).

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