JUAN CARLOS KOROL, CLAUDIO BELINI: Historia económica de la Argentina en el siglo XX. Buenos Aires: Siglo XXI editores, 2012.

Raúl García Heras


This book traces the economic history of twentieth-century Argentina from the outbreak of the First World War to the collapse of the currency convertibility plan that marked the end of the neoliberal economic reforms enforced in the country during the 1990s. In so doing it takes up the controversial economic performance of a leading South American country that has long received widespread scholarly attention, and that at the onset of the last century many academics, writers, politicians, and journalists thought was destined to become a world power in the Western Hemisphere. An introductory chapter provides an overall balance of the Argentine economy in the early 1910s and anticipates the outlook of the book.


Historia, economic, reforms, Argentina,

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