Radical Women in Latin America – Left and Right. VICTORIA GONZÁLEZ & KAREN KAMPWIRTH (eds.):University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2001.

Inbal Ofer


Starting in the early 1980s, and influenced by the second wave of feminist writings, a relatively large number of books were written which focused on the experiences of women in radical left-wing organizations and parties. In recent years, these have been followed by a smaller, but constantly growing, number of monographs paying similar attention to women on the Conservative Right and Radical Right of the political spectrum. Yet, amidst all of these, one would be hard pressed to find a comparative project that looks at women on both left- and right-wing organizations. Radical Women in Latin America – Left and Right, edited by Victoria González and Karen Kampwirth, is an outstanding effort to fill precisely this gap in the historiography.

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